Additional Activities

Scroll down for a list of the activities and other offers which are available to delegates. This list will added to as details become available.

Tuesday 27th of November 2012 10-12:30
The Public Records Office of Victoria (PROV) will have agreed to conduct a behind the scenes tour of this fascinating facility and to present a short workshop on how to use the records of the office for historians. This is available for delegates only.There will be an emphasis on education records but the session should be of interest to a wide range of researchers. There will be a limit of 20 for this activity and participants will be expected to make their own way to the office which is located a short distance from the conference and accommodation locations.
You will be notified after registration of your place in this activity.
Location: Victorian Archives Centre, 99 Shiel Street, North Melbourne.
See for further details on transport, parking etc.

Subscription to Library & Information History Journal
We are exclusively offering all conference delegates a 2013 subscription to Library & Information History, which includes 4 printed issues plus online access to the journal’s back archive, at a 50% discounted price (Conference price AUS$50.00). This is a fantastic opportunity to receive this journal at  a very affordable price. All delegates will receive full details and order options upon registration.

For details of the Special post-graduate day to be held on Wednesday the 28th of November 2012 go to the Post-graduate special events page on this blog.

Tuesday 27th of November 2012 
The bus tour it will run from 8.30 (prompt departure) to 5.30. $50 for the whole trip
Please register for this on the conference registration form. Requests will be on a first in bases until bus allocation is full.
For further details please contact  Bron Lowden
Commencing at Victoria's first and oldest Mechanics' Institute, The Melbourne Athenaeum, this tour will take in a variety of rural Institutes which served the early mining, farming and timbergetting areas on the eastern and northern fringe of Melbourne. Most had libraries and a few hosted early schools.
Today, with encroaching 'suburbia', most of these Institutes are in renewal, with a number having had major restoration or rebuilding programs in quite recent times to again make the buildings a dynamic part of their various communities. We will be have morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea at Institutes along the way and this give visitors an opportunity to look over these Institutes in detail and meet with various local members.
Another feature of the day will be the breadth of scenery we will encounter, including: riverside, the renowned Valley of a Thousand Hills, open plain and new suburbia. The tour will conclude at the Brunswick Mechanics' Institute now a community hub for the arts.The notes will feature neighbouring and now demolished Institutes to provide a coverage of the region for present and future use and will set the scene for conference themes Buildings, Books and Blackboards

McArthur Gallery
State Library of Victoria
A selection of instructional books for children published from the 16th century onwards will be displayed in the McArthur Gallery of the State Library of Victoria. Visitors will see books such as Vulgaria Stanbrigi [1520] used by 16th century children to learn ‘vulgar’ words in Latin. Unlike the connotation today, ‘vulgar’ words in the 1500s were everyday or common sayings. Education across the centuries has been closely associated with religious and moral instruction such as The Evangelical Primer (1825) and The Young Lady’s Book: A Manual of Elegant Recreations [1859]. A range of Australian educational material includes compulsory late 19th century reading like the Victorian School Paper (1896 onwards), the Victorian Readers (1930), to 20th century ‘space race’ magazines such as Meteor, Orbit and Comet and the alternate Fitzroy Readers.

Curator Juliet O’Conor (To be confirmed: curators talk Friday November 30)
Biographical Information
Juliet O’Conor is the Children’s Research Librarian at the State Library of Victoria where she is responsible for the collection development and conservation of over 100,000 children’s books published between the 16th and 21st centuries. Juliet is currently studying her Doctorate at Deakin University in the field of 20th century traditional Indigenous Australian story for children. See